Novelty toys

Large Rubik’s Cube Shop Display
Ref: 1496


Georgian Mirror

Georgian Triptych Gilt Mirror
Ref: 1543


antique luggage

Large Leather Steamer Trunk
Ref: 1392


station clock

Large Vintage Clock
Ref: 1445


Huge 19th century clock face

19th Century Church Clock Face
Ref: 1464


Georgian apothecary bottles

Georgian Apothecary Bottles
Ref: 1407


antique diorama

Museum Diorama
Ref: 1256


Japanese Meiji period candlesticks

Japanese Bronze Candlesticks
Ref: 1195


Erich Oehme horse sculpture

Horse Sculpture by Erich Oehme
Ref: 1184


Early 20th century seven light candelabra

Pair of Ecclesiastical Candelabra
Ref: 1180


Indonesian Shadow Puppet

Indonesian Shadow Puppet
Ref: 1179


Judaica Mirror

Decorative Mirror
Ref: 1171


Pair of stone urns

Pair of Carved Stone Urns
Ref: 1166


Plaster model of a man's hand

Hand Study in Plaster
Ref: 1157


Designer vintage lightbox

Stained Glass Lightbox
Ref: 1120


Original hanging double-sided vintage sign hand painted Post Office Steeley Lane British

Steeley Lane Post Office Sign
Ref: 1117


Vintage enamel telephone sign

Enamel Telephone Sign
Ref: 1068


Original Green man hand painted sign

Original London Pub Sign
Ref: 1054


Oversized iron mirrored glasses

Oversized Glasses
Ref: 1038